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International Transport Consulting

- Fuel taxation, annual vehicle fees and road tolls for road financing

- Road funds and road agencies

- Transport financing policy and asset management

- Road sector financing for inter-urban, urban and rural roads

- Road maintenance strategies


International Energy Consulting

- Subsidies and taxation of fuel (diesel and super gasoline)

- Subsidies and taxation of alternative energies





International Fuel Prices

Comparative study of retail fuel prices of more than 170 countries in cooperation with GTZ, whose data were also published by World Bank and by UNESCAP.



  >  International Fuel Prices 2009, (PDF, 8 MB, 114 Pages)

  >  International Fuel Prices 2007, (PDF, 6 MB, 106 Pages)

  >  International Fuel Prices 2005, (PDF, 5 MB, 114 Pages)


Policy Options for Road Infrastructure in ACP Countries

Comparative study about infrastructure concepts in the US, EU and FSU






Dr Gerhard P. Metschies

Dr Gerhard P. Metschies (Senior Transport Advisor) is responsible for consulting expertise and lectures at international conferences. He worked for more than 20 years at the German Technical Cooperation GTZ as consulting expert on international transport. Dr Metschies supervised transport projects worldwide and visited over 90 countries.

He has been concerned with sustainable road policy for over 12 years. Dr Metschies has specialized in road agencies, road funds and road financing with the main focus on fuel, vehicle and road taxes. View Curriculum Vitae.


Jan Metschies

Jan Metschies (Junior Transport Advisor) is responsible for concept development, research and quality management. He has several years of experience with data analysis, graphic and layout . Mr Jan Metschies has specialized in project management.





Specialist Library

Metschies Consult has collected hundreds of studies, reports, specialist books and articles concerning international transport, energy and other development subjects. Over the years the collection raised up to a extensive specialist library.





Contact Network

Metschies Consult stays in contact with experts all over the world. These experts are from mayor international financing organisations, ministries, consultants, universities as well as specialised journalists.

Furthermore Metschies Consult cooperates closely with the German Technical Cooperation GTZ, especially with its transport and energy division as well as the global network of GTZ offices.




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